Published September 7, 2023

'Spider-Man: India' #5 Debuts a New Costume for the Breakout Spider-Hero of the Year

Check out Spider-Man India's new costume on Doaly's Variant Cover for 'Spider-Man: India' #5, on sale October 11.

Just in time for his big screen debut earlier this year, Pavitr Prabhakar, AKA Spider-Man India is back in his very own solo limited series!

Kicking off this past June, SPIDER-MAN: INDIA is a five-issue saga written by author Nikesh Shukla and drawn by artists Abhishek Malsuni and Tadam Gyadu. The series is a thrilling fresh chapter for the fan-favorite Spider-Man of Earth-50101, complete with exciting revelations about his home world, team-ups with Earth-616’s resident Spider-Men, a new archenemy, and, debuting in the final issue, a brand-new costume! A modern upgrade (designed by Tadam Gyadu) to Spider-Man India’s classic look, fans can see it for the very first time right now in Doaly’s New Costume Variant Cover for SPIDER-MAN: INDIA #5

Hitting stands in October, SPIDER-MAN: INDIA sets the character up for a bright future as his final battle with the Lizard puts all of Mumbai at risk. When the ravenous reptile's dangerous experiments push the creature's powerful ally over the edge, Pavitr's one chance to save the city may rest with the last friends the wall-crawler ever thought he'd make!

SPIDER-MAN: INDIA #5 New Costume Variant Cover by Doaly

New Costume Variant Cover by DOALY
On Sale 10/11

Check out Doaly’s cover below and preorder it at your local comic shop today!

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